For many years, even decades, several of my writings have remained on paper or on one hard drive transferred from any earlier one. Finally, here is a convenient place not only to store my thoughts and observations, but also to share them.

My major work, The Golden Boy:  A Biography of Jackie Jensen, took thirteen years to complete and was published in 2000.  Prior to that I coauthored two martial arts books with Grandmaster Seung Gyoo Dong:  Progressive Sparring, and Sparring Structure.

The first writing for which I received money was a piece for COSMOPOLITAN entitled “The Kindest Cut,” and for Tae Kwon Times I wrote two articles:  “The Elbow:  A Dangerous Weapon” and “Should Instructors Spar Their Students?”

Several articles were published in professional journals when I was a professor, and I was pleased to have an essay published in Virginia Writing while I was an instructor at Fork Union Military Academy.

Off and on I work on two screen plays, one based on The Golden Boy and another based on the life of Ethan Allen, with whom I am related (and I was born in Ticonderoga, the fort which he captured from the British).  Furthermore, in progress is what I term a biography of a business, to be titled Chester Says:  A Guide for Starting a Small Business.

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