Wives 1 & 2

Me:  Honey, I made the bed.

W1:  You need to fix that right corner; it’s got wrinkles

W2:  I was going to get to it later today.

Me:  Should I run the dishwasher?

W1:  Not yet; wait until I finish this tea so we can fill it up completely.

W2:  I can’t believe it’s full again already.

Me:  I mowed the grass.

W1:  It’s about time you did it without my having to ask you.

W2:  Good, the Homeowners’ Association will be proud of you.

Me:  Have you seen my reading glasses?

W1:  It’s not my responsible to keep track of your things.

W2:  You have a pair in the car.

Me:  Do we have any bills yet to pay this month?

W1:  We wouldn’t have so many if you didn’t go out for pizza once a week.

W2:  I just paid all except one, but we can wait until next week.

Me:  I cleaned the top of the stove.

W1:  Are you implying that when I cook I make a mess?

W2:  It looks as good as new.

Me:  Where’s the mayonaise?

W1:  It’s where you left it.

W2:  It’s on the middle shelf, to the left, behind the jelly.

Me:  Do you recall how to reset the computer to an earlier time?

W1:  If you weren’t on the computer so much you wouldn’t have to ask.

W2:  Google it.









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